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State-of-the-art Electric Toothbrush

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  • ⨇ ADA Accepted - Created with advice from American dentists
  • ʘ Patented Levitation Sonic Motor - Bristles Vibrate 6.5 mm while you glide
  • ⩰ World’s best damage preventing genuine DuPont USA bristles
  • ⑤ 5 modes for every mood
  • ↯ One charge lasts approx. 6 months

Powerful Toothpaste with Pure Herbal Extracts

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  • ⨳ Contains Japanese n-HA - fluoride replacement used in high-end Japanese toothpastes
  • ↪ Contains essential oils of mint and neem
  • ⚕ Completely organic no triclosan, sulphates and parabens
  • ☘ Fantastic User Experience and Minty Fresh breath all day

Home Teeth Whitening System

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  • ⨇ ADA Accepted - Created with advice from American dentists
  • ☑ Made for Sensitive teeth
  • ⚕ Developed in consultation with practicing dentists
  • ₹ Get your money's worth - less than Rs.200 per use

based on 2K+ verified reviews

Nitin KVerified Buyer

As good as Sonicare!

I got hooked onto an electric toothbrush when my brother brought me a Sonicare from the U.S. and I have been using it for years until it finally stopped working! I discovered Fang’s S1 and been using it for a few months now and there’s nothing negative to report. Its bristles are better than what I was used to and the quality of the brush is excellent! I’m so happy I found this product!

Simran CVerified Buyer

My gums have stopped bleeding! God bless Dr. Pradhan who recommended this product. I suggest you at least try this brush before spending two times the money on the big brand brushes which produce the same end result.

Rohita SVerified Buyer

Easy as hell

I loved the Fang whitening system! It is so easy to use. I use mine while I clean house, cook, or whatever I need to do. The time goes by so quickly. And people notice when your teeth shine! I highly recommend this product to everyone!

Anupa PVerified Buyer

I feel the need to write a review because I cannot stress enough how freakin AMAZING this stuff is. I woke up one morning and noticed the tips of my teeth were translucent. I couldn’t believe when my dentist told me you’ve lost enamel and cannot rebuild it. I read a lot of research and found this product. Just six weeks using the toothpaste and already I can see a change in the colour. My teeth are less sensitive and feel stronger.


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Got Questions? We've got you covered

Don’t trust us. Try us for 100 days! You will fall in love with our products & service and if you don’t just contact us for a refund. Our customers have great things to say about us and we are confident you will too.

Although we seriously doubt you will, you may try the Fang Electric Toothbrushes and the Whitening System for 100 days and if you don’t love it you may ask for a full refund for any undamaged product. Since toothpaste, mouthwash and floss are hygiene products we cannot accept returns on these products once used. You can return the products by emailing smile@fangoral.com.

All Fang Electronic products, S1, E1 & the teeth whitening system come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. If there’s a problem with it simply reach out to us smile@fangoral.com and we will help you troubleshoot. If we’re unable to resolve the issue, we will ship you a new Fang. It’s that simple.

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