Our Story

After 3 painful root canals, 2 even more painful dental implants one of our founders had to ask his dentist if it was his bad karma or was he doing something horrible with his teeth. The answer was unbelievable “buy a good quality electric toothbrush, use a fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once a week”.

This is not some silly marketing claim, it’s truly how the idea of starting Fang Oral Care and making science backed dental products was seeded.

In developing the idea Team Fang, a group of highly qualified and successful people began asking some tough questions:-

  • Which kind of electric toothbrush does the best job?
  • Do electric toothbrushes have any side effects?
  • Which are the best bristles in the world?
  • Can the kirana toothpaste be improved upon?
  • What are the right products for someone who hates going to the dentist?

Team Fang tried get to the source of every problem that came up in discussions with prominent dentists, friends and family.

Every product on our website has stood the scrutiny of highly respected dentists. We expect that the people who use our products are smart and will only patronize us if they are convinced that nothing better is available.

With every order you place you will receive very high quality, science backed luxury oral care products. We are obsessed with offering you the best oral care money can buy at a price that should make sense. We’re driven by the emotion that no one should have to endure painful visits to the dentist.

Social Responsibility

We’re conscious about the kind of brand legacy we want to leave for our customers and our children and have taken the following steps to ensure we are always on the right path:

  1. We have partnered Tata Memorial Cancer Center for Corporate Social Responsibility. A portion of our profits will be shared with this fully auditable & transparent institution to carry out research in the field of Oral Cancer.
  2. Once a year we will request you to send us used brush heads, mouthwash bottles and toothpaste tubes & floss containers so we can adopt a 100% recycle & reuse program. We are setting up systems for Life Cycle Analysis and with your help we will ensure that are products do not end up in landfills but instead are melted and reused thereby allowing our consumers to enjoy our products guilt free.
  3. None of our products contain toxins like Sulphate, Parabens or Triclosan. We replaced these potentially toxic ingredients with non-toxic alternatives to ensure the user experience of our products is not compromised.
  4. Our Mouthwash contains probiotics which helps in maintaining the natural bacteria in the mouth.

Couch Commerce PVT. Ltd.

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