Get shiny white teeth to your next date!


Thousands sold and counting! Stay home and get rid of tea/coffee and pan masala stains and erase that yellowness that turns people off with our American Dental Association approved system.

1. It works. Our 10,000+ Happy Customers and 4.9 avg. rating confirms this.⭐⭐⭐⭐

Celebrities can’t afford to be photographed with yellow and stained teeth. But like us normal people their teeth stain too. That’s why Fang Teeth Whitening. It delivers natural looking white teeth when the stakes are high.

2. It does not make teeth Sensitive.

Fear of sensitivity is the no.1 reason why even well groomed people in India continue living with yellow and stained teeth. We’ve solved it. We created our proprietary whitening serum with American dentists in California to address specifically this side-effect and we tested, tested, tested. We have not received negative feedback from any of our customers, we didn’t expect to.

3. FANG is not expensive. Do the math.

You’ll pay Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 for one single whitening treatment at the dentist. And your results may not be any better than using our affordable at-home kit. Fang costs less than Rs. 300 per whitening treatment in as little as 10 minutes a day and we have a 97% satisfaction rating.

100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Returns


4. Enamel safe, dentist approved whitening

Fang was created with advice from practicing American dentists and is formulated with enamel-safe ingredients. Our system uses a pen to apply a small quantity of whitening serum just on your teeth, so it goes only where it should. Bleaching gel filled in trays will get on your gums and enter your mouth. Whitening strips work slowly if at all : )

5. Fang was designed to be super easy to use at home.

Anyone can use Fang- it’s that easy! This product comes with everything you need for a full year of teeth whitening: 1 mouthpiece and 4 pens containing our proprietary serum. That’s 12 applications in one box. All you have to do is brush your teeth, apply the serum, wear the device for 15 minutes and rinse. It’s even safe to use on braces, implants, caps and veneers.

6. Immediate results, everytime.

Every customer we have spoken with sees results just after 1 use and in 6 uses they can’t believe how good naturally white teeth can look. There are no appointments to be taken or time commitments required. In 15 minutes, while you’re chilling at home, you can achieve dentist-level white teeth.


When you buy Fang your results are guaranteed, we’re so confident, we offer a no questions asked 100 day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Just reach out to our friendly customer care team at We’re on Whatsapp too.

100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Returns



Happy Teeth, Happy Smiles

Thousands sold and continuing!

ADA Accepted

ADA accepted and clinically backed

FDA Approved

U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved

Customer First

100% No risk money back guarantee

100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Returns



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Mahika AVerified Buyer

Works very well!

Works well just see the instruction video. The pens require a bit of twisting to release the serum just twist it slowly so you don't over twist when it finally starts coming out. The serum is easy to apply. The mouthpiece is comfortable and not bulky while in use. This does in fact whiten teeth very well. If I quit coffee for a month I bet it would work even better. I went from a 6 to a 3 (1 being the best) on the whitening scale after a month of use, roughly once every three days.

Samara GVerified Buyer

Results were amazing!

I chose it because I didn’t want to take any chances with my teeth. I showed the ingredients to a dentist friend and she said it’s safe. After 21 days my results were amazing! I watch Youtube and 15 minutes later I’m rinsing. Now I do it twice a week to maintain as I love wine and wine stains teeth.

Gurleen KVerified Buyer

Insta Love!

I had been eyeing this product on Insta for a while. I have used it now for going on two weeks and my teeth haven’t been sensitive at all. My teeth are whiter. I brushed my teeth then used the product and all I did was rinse my mouth out after 15 minutes of use. Yes this product is a bit pricey but I didn’t want to take a chance with cheap ingredients that could ruin my teeth

Prerna GVerified Buyer


I was skeptical about this but being stuck at home made me take a gamble and glad I did. I drink a lot of coffee and over the years my teeth have gotten yellow to the point my mom pointed it out. The results are amazing and definitely recommended to some friends and family.