5 Reasons why you should switch to the Fang S1

In developing the S1, our mission was to create the best quality electric toothbrush at a sensible price. We tested all the premium electric brushes available in America, kept the important features and edited out the gimmickry. Below is a summary of why we feel you should give the S1 just one try:

1. The S1 is the ultimate weapon against dental diseases.

The Fang S1 was designed in consultation with American dentists to reduce dental issues like cavities, gum bleeding and bad breath. Eventually these require painful dental procedures such as extractions, root canals and implants. Even when we think we are doing a good job with our manual toothbrush, we get to 300 strokes per minute. The S1’s patented Maglev motor delivers 43,000 gentle vibrations per minute which clean your teeth without eroding their precious enamel or hammering them the way cheap electric toothbrushes do. The S1 will clean your teeth 10x better than any manual toothbrush and massage your gums so they are pink, healthy and infection free.

2. The S1 makes brushing super fun.

We all know this. Brushing teeth feels like a task every morning. Not with the S1. When brushing with it, you simply glide and gently stroke the brush over your teeth and let the brush do all the hard work. It will tell you every 30 seconds to change sides and will turn off in 2 minutes which is the time required for correct brushing. Once you experience how easily the S1 cleans your teeth and gums you will wonder why the hell you did not switch earlier! We promise you will never go back to using a manual brush again.

3. The S1 is a Super Premium electric toothbrush at a very good price.

The S1 was benchmarked for quality with the most expensive electric brushes available in the U.S. When you hold this brush you will know you have purchased an ultra premium product. We’ve used the highest quality diamond cut bristles that simply cannot damage enamel and gums. The S1’s patented motor makes the bristles vibrate at a super high speed but still very gently so teeth are cleaned without damage. Its long swan neck design makes it very easy to reach the back of the mouth where the bad breath producing bacteria live.

100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Returns


4. The S1 requires charging two times per year! Yes you read that right.

One common problem with using an electric toothbrush is frequent charging. We solved this. The S1 has a super efficient motor and a very good quality 2,000 mAh lithium ion battery that makes it last ~ 180 days on one charge. And it comes with a Type C socket so you can easily charge it using your smartphone charger.

5. The S1 has more than 3000 super happy customers

Just read our reviews. We expected them, but some have blown our minds! Nothing makes us happier when you tell us we’ve created a masterpiece that will be loved for years to come.

100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Returns



Happy Teeth, Happy Smiles

Thousands sold and continuing!

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ADA accepted and clinically backed

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100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Returns



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Vishal DVerified Buyer

When I looked online, only the high-end new models in Oral-B and Sonicare come with Lithium batteries The Fang S1 comes with a 2000 mah Lithium battery! It looks so elegant. Performance is superb and the various modes with auto shut-off is a terrific feature. After weeks, the first brush head is still firm.

 Amit NVerified Buyer

I waited to post this review until I went to the dentist this week. She was done in 10 minutes because there was hardly any tartar buildup. Have been using this brush for 3 months and it’s probably the best investment I’ve made!

Jyotsna PVerified Buyer

My husband who’s a Cardiac Surgeon has the Sonicare 9900 which he swears by. I wanted to go electric but didn’t want to spend so much so I bought this instead. It’s simply stunning and works just as well. Now my husband wants it.

Smriti AVerified Buyer

I have been using my Fang S1 toothbrush for two months now. It is seriously the best toothbrush I have ever used. I always finish up with the massage button. My gums are bright and pink, the massager is great for stimulating gums.