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Fang Oral Care
Fang Oral Care
Fang Oral Care
Fang Oral Care
Fang Oral Care
Fang Oral Care
Fang Oral Care

Teeth whitening reimagined.

Millions of happy smiles

ADA Accepted & clinically backed

Free Shipping & Easy Returns

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

A more powerful at-home teeth whitening soultion

Clinically-backed ingredients formulated to give you your best smile.



Dentist Quality Results At Home

Your one-stop solution for Whiter Teeth


Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Donā€™t look elsewhere!

RG ke daag poori tarah chale gaye. Mazaa aa gaya aapke product se. Thank you.

J.P. Mishra

Whiter Teeth No Sensitivity

ā€œMiracle product. I have tried all the products advertised but could not see any difference.ā€

Aparna V


ā€œI used it 8 times. Gutkha stains completely gone. I use once per month now to maintain white teeth.ā€

Abhimanyu A

Works like magic

ā€œI had yellow teeth due to high acidity. They looked horrible with bright lipstick. Have been using this pen for almost 3 months now. It has worked for me for sure.ā€

Natasha P

Why Fang is better

Erases tough stains
Gives Naturally white looking teeth
Measurable results, not gimmickry

Frequently Asked Questions

You will notice a difference after the very first use. But for people to notice you would probably need to use about 6-8 times by when the serum will erase all the tough stains and correct the yellowness in your teeth

Ideally after your last meal of the day you should use this product rinse your mouth and sleep. Drinking water is totally fine.Ā  The next morning you can eat and drink whatever you please.

This product is based on cosmetic dentistry. It is evidence based science.Ā  There are a lot of companies that sell gimmicky products at a low price to exploit your desperation for a solution.Ā  Fang does not and will never sell products that wonā€™t deliver results.

Stay away from food or coloured drinks for at least two hours after you have completed the procedure and preferably 8 hours so that results are long lasting. Drinking water is completely fine.Ā 

No, our customers have never reported any problem after using the whitening pen. But a person with prior dental history or can report slight sensitivity. If you are one of such rare cases, stop using the pen and consult a dentist.

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